Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sharing A Meal - Week 1

The next eight Bible Studies correspond to our Group Link event that starts at our church Sunday, January 13th.  Group questions will be available on this blog and in the Sunday bulletin.

It is suggested that at your first meeting you either enjoy a meal (something as simple as pizza or soup and bread), or a dessert together.
Sharing a meal has always had social implications.  We like sharing a meal with those we like or those we want to get to know.  First dates are often enjoyed over a meal.  We have something constructive to do in awkward pauses – take another bite of food and smile.  I grew up in a family of six children on a one-parent income.  Consequently in the early years we did not eat in restaurants very often.  On a first date to a high school dance, with a young man who had a little more opportunity in his upbringing to frequent fancy restaurants, I had an awkward moment.  When the waiter in white gloves presented a beautiful tray with silverware on it to me, I instinctively took the tray from him thinking he needed somebody to hold it for a moment.  Just trying to be helpful…oops.

1.        What is your most awkward moment involving food?
Read Acts 2:42-47.  Have a couple of group members read different versions of the Bible for this passage. 

2.       In which two verses do the believers in the early church find themselves eating a meal together? 

3.       The New Living Translation titles this section ‘The Believers Form a Community.’  How does eating together help form a community? 

4.     Why do you think eating together was a practice along with spiritual disciplines such as teaching, fellowship and prayer?

5.       World-wide and for centuries, eating together is a great way to get to know another person.  One of the goals of these eight weeks of study is to get to know the other people in your Life Group.  Starting next week, and for a total of three weeks, we are going to ask each person in the group to casually share part of their life stories.  We are asking each person to think about three questions.

·         Who have been three special people in your life?

·         What three are noteworthy events in your life?

·         What are three places in your life that stand out in your mind?
We are asking you to sign up tonight for which week you will share your life story.  After three weeks everyone’s story should have been shared and we will move on to the next part of our study.  We will have some warm-up questions for the beginning of each study and then individuals can share their stories.

6.       Please have a leader close in prayer with special thanks for every person who has attended your Life Group today.
With special thanks to Group Link and the Community booklet.