Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Was Just Minding My Business

We are on the last of three weeks where each person in the group has an opportunity to tell “their story.”  Before we hear from more group members, let’s take a look at someone’s story from the book of Exodus.  A little background:  This baby boy was born during a tumultuous time for the Hebrew people.  They were being persecuted in the land of Egypt and they were commanded to put every newborn Hebrew son to death.  However, the Hebrew midwives feared God more than the officials so they did not obey their gruesome orders and allowed the baby boys to live.  One such boy was Moses.  He ended up being adopted by the Pharaoh’s daughter and a lot of interesting things happened.  (You can catch up on all these happenings in Exodus 1 and 2).  But for our time together today, let’s read Exodus 3:1-9 Exodus 4:10-17.

1.        What was Moses doing as he was just “minding his business,” when he came upon a burning bush?   

2.       Why do you think God chose this time to appear to Moses? 

3.       When you think of times you are just “minding your business,” what are you doing in those times? 

4.       In what times has God caught your attention?  What proceeded that time when you were at a place where you recognized that God was speaking to your heart?  

5.       In Exodus 4:10-13 Moses tries arguing with God and ends by asking God to please send someone else.  Has God ever put a desire or task into your heart to perform, and you really thought someone else would do a much better job?  Can you relate to Moses?  Did you accept your assignment or are you in the process of accepting your assignment, or did you run the other way?
Now, let’s hear from some of our group members.  Here are the three questions:
·         Who have been three special people in your life? 

·         What three are noteworthy events in your life? 

·         What are three places in your life that stand out in your mind? 

When everyone has finished sharing, have the leader, or anyone else who wishes to pray, thank the Lord specifically for the special people in the lives of the group members.