Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spiritual Hunger Around the World

Spiritual Hunger is what propels us on toward connecting with God. It's that motivation that makes us step into church if we have been open our Bibles, to get down on our knees and pray AND to search the Internet to find Bible Studies. Did that last one surprise you? Well, in the analytics provided by this blog we found that our Bible Studies on Hydesville Life Groups are being picked up by individuals in other countries. Specifically, Russia, Germany, Slovenia, France, China, Israel, Canada, the United Kingdom and Latvia.  In fact the interest from Russia was about one-third that of the United States!  That is a lot of spiritual hunger from way across the world.

How we rejoice that brothers and sisters of Christ  - from all nationalities can share in our common faith and we can grow together in Christ.  Hydesville may be a little place, but God's Word is enormous in spectrum and the study of it worth our time and effort to satisfy that "spiritual hunger" and changed lives can help feed many!