Saturday, December 1, 2012

Coming in the New Year: GroupLink!

GROUPLINK: Early in the New Year we will be having an event called GroupLink to launch new Life Groups. Initially, after the GroupLink event, new groups will meet for eight weeks. Then the group members can decide to continue on with their group, or dissolve to find another group.

WHY: Why consider a Life Group? Here’s a quote from Andy Stanley’s church that is said very well: “We believe that significant life change best takes place in the context of intentional relationships. Life groups are the place where real life and real issues are discussed. This is the environment to celebrate the successes and good times of life, as well as comfort one another in the tough and disappoing times. It’s a place to be encouraged, equipped, and challenged to group in our relationship with Jesus Christ.”

WHAT DOES A LIFE GROUP LOOK LIKE? Life Groups are small groups of approximately six married couples or six to eight individuals of the same gender.

WHY “SAME GENDER?” We have seen these “same gender” groups work well in both the Men’s and Women’s Ministries and Celebrate Recovery. Why? “The relational dynamics created by a mixed environment limit the accountability that’s possible or appropriate.” We have found that these same gender groups have a higher level of community and accountability that is not possible, nor appropriate in a mixed-gender single group.
Be looking for more information on the new GROUPLINK through the month of December in the bulletin and other church communications.